How to Convert to 100% Sun Charged
Solar Lights for 
Outdoors & Indoors


Buy Solar Sun Charged LED Power Saving 


From the link supplied, buy a "Sun Charger Stand" 


Buy a "Velcro Sun Charger System Kit"


(inc free postage) 


Place your Solar Sun Charged Lights on the Velcro Charging Station Stand. Six hours of direct sunlight if possible the first time. Like all rechareable batteries, you should give them a good full charge the first time. after that it does not matter if you half-charge etc. 


Take the lights from the stand and place back where you like to have them. Ideally you have two sets of lights. One set charged to replace those that need charging, the other set are on your walls, cupboards and in wardrobes etc. 

Try to remember to turn your lights to "off"
(if possible),before "Sun Charging", otherwise you waste their power like this, if you forget to take them back indoors. 


Enjoy free Solar energy from your
"Sun Charged" LED Lights indoors!

(video goes here of walk thru of solar lit apartment)