Sun Charged Indoor / Outdoor Solar LED Lights

We know this is one of the "best" Solar LED Motion Activated
Lights, if not the best, available anywhere. Includes a custom mounting system that works! 

LED: 24Pcs LED: 3.7V 1200 mAh Brightness: 120 degrees, 
Covers about 3 - 5 square meters in Mode 2

Solar Panel Compact - 3 Motion Sensors

24 LED three angle style

Waterproof to IP65 stadard.
LED bulbs 18LED + 3LED + 3LED
Solar Sun as Charger 
The sensor will turn on / off automatically at night.
There is a light sensor + pedestrian proximity sensor.
Light sensor / dim light / motion senor. 
There are 3 operating modes: 
Mode 1) On all night. 60% of the brightness,  until the battery runs out . 
Requires a recharge via a “Solar Sun Charge"
Mode 2)  Sensor will activate when movement is detected at 2-3 meters. (This mode is recommended.) After 15 seconds it will turn off.
Mode 3) Sensor will activate when movement is detected at 5m + meters. After 15 seconds it will turn off.
This is the one I will try to sell exclusively, they are nice, tough, waterproof (they say) attractive both outdoors and indoors. 
AND, you are able to change the battery every few years, rather than it being “disposable “. This way the “body" can last for many years! 

Only US$19
(includes free mounting pack and postage.  Min buy US$50)


What’s in the box?

1 x Solar Motion Sensor Wireless  LED Light
Sun Charged = free
Adequate mounting system free


US$19 ea 

(includes free postage = 14 business days delivery + all mounting materials required + English instructions etc. Min total order = US$50