Christmas 2018 Special Promotion

Gifts for Mum, Wife and Family

1) Imagine your mother or wife or sister in law (you get the idea) goes out for a couple of hours. When she comes back, you have put a "Motion Activated Weatherproof Solar Floodlight" near where she parks (or leaves her bike, skateboard etc) and if dark and motion is detected, will light up her parking area for security, and so she can see well. After she leaves, it turns off soon after. And then she comes to the front door, and you have mounted another smaller "Solar Action Activated LED Auto Light" above the front door, and when she gets to within 3M, it comes on, to light the area in front of the door, so she can see to use her keys etc. Then, as soon as the front door door opens, there is one of these lights / key-hooks, that comes on to light the area, and is also where she hangs her keys. 

Then she opens your most used kitchen cupboard or pantry etc, and is amazed about how much she likes being able to see everything, then she visits the bathroom,  and automatically two "Sun Charged Lights" come on, and light the whole bathroom without switches. Then she notices the toilet bowl is bright pink, and starts gigling as her toilet changes colors eight times! But decides she likes the green and touches the button that sets the light to one chosen color. Grinning like a kid at Xmas, she goes to her bedroom and is delighted when two Sun Charged Lights come on, making her bedroom romantically  soft lit. The ones in the wardrobes probably have the biggest "fun factor" effect ! (as women love to be able to actually see their clothes)  Then she goes out the back door,  and a "BIG Solar Sun Charged Auto Action Activated Light" turns on,  lighting up half the back yard! However when she finds out, that via the remote control she can choose "Mode 3", which sets the "BIG LED Eco- Light" to always be on (when dark) at 60% power.  Then it brightens to 100% brightness when movement is detected, within about 4-5 meters. All of the lights turn off 15 - 20 seconds after no action is detected. So you never have to walk around in the dark again, your lights are fully automatic, and Sun Charged for Free!  If you need to thread a needle or something,  you can turn on the mains lights. Otherwise, you have free lighting  compliments of the Sun!  Later, her gratitude and a lower power bill convince you, it was the best gift you have ever given, judging by the delighted faces of all those that see your "Planet/Money Saving Fun Lights!"















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